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The Scout Guide was launched in 2010 in Charlottesville, Virginia, and has since expanded to more than 60 locations nationwide. At our headquarters in Charlottesville, our national team designs and produces TSG city guides; creates content for and TSG national’s social media platforms; and provides ongoing support for our local editors.


We are currently in more than 60 markets nationwide, and we are always looking to launch TSG in new cities. If you are a self-starter who is passionate about your community,  you could be our next Editor. Learn more here.



Chief Operating Officer
The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for the performance of the company as dictated by the Board of Director’s overall strategy. The company includes: Scout Guide LLC (franchisor to 50+ active franchisees, or ‘Editors’), TSG Media LLC (employer of ~20 FTEs), in-house market LLCs (employers of two in-house ‘Editors’), and TSG Media IP.


  • Develops strategic plans that reflect the longer-term objectives and priorities established by the Board of Directors
  • Maintains an ongoing dialogue with Co-Founders and Board of Directors; meets with Co-Founders weekly and presents to the Board of Directors quarterly, at minimum
  • Puts in place adequate operational, legal, and financial control systems; closely monitors the operating and financial results against plans and budgets
  • Formulates and successfully implements company policies
  • Manages the day-to-day operations of the company; assumes full accountability to the Board of Directors for all departments (Business Development, Account Management, Operations, Compliance, Digital, Editorial, Design/Brand)
  • Ensures that the operating objectives and standards of performance are not only understood but owned by the executive team and other employees
  • Builds and maintains an effective executive team
  • Provides coaching and mentoring to direct reports, identifying opportunities for professional growth and development
  • Facilitates cross-departmental communication and teamwork
  • Leads all company-wide meetings; shares relevant company data and insights with management and employees
  • Provides leadership, advice, and/or project management for large company initiatives
  • Builds and maintains productive and positive relationships with Editors; advises, trains, or consults with Editors when necessary
  • Builds and maintains productive and positive relationships with TSG vendors and Scouted businesses
  • Collects and analyzes feedback from Editors, employees, and businesses; implements company-wide changes based on feedback
  • Represents the company to major customers and professional associations

Reports to: Board of Directors

Direct reports:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Senior Account Manager
  • Assistant Accounting Manager
  • Compliance Director
  • Digital Director
  • Editorial Director
  • Brand Director

Note: The Chief Operating Officer also works closely with TSG’s Contract Accountant to produce monthly financial reports and AR statements, annual budgets, and end-of-year projections.

To Apply:
Outstanding candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and references to careers[at]thescoutguide.

The Business Development Manager will be responsible for marketing the TSG franchise opportunity, running lead generation, and the sales efforts for the company. This individual will drive the development and execution of new franchise business growth for The Scout Guide as well as managing digital marketing to drive leads and close prospective Editors.


  • SALES: The Business Development Manager is responsible for meeting annual goals and adding new franchise units to the company.
    • Manage end-to-end franchise sales process, from lead generation to contract negotiation and the signing of the Franchise Agreement
      • Track all data and contact information in CRM
    • Manages the annual Franchise Development budget
    • Work with the Digital Team to refine and update the franchise opportunity website, to drive engagement and leads, and to further develop the value proposition of buying the franchise
    • Work with Digital Marketing Manager to use social media strategies to drive traffic to the franchise opportunity website and ultimately recruit potential leads
      • Use Google/MailChimp/social media analytics to understand effectiveness of franchise recruitment campaigns and online consumer behavior, and develops strategies to optimize content and contact forms for maximum engagement
    • Plan and coordinate monthly email campaigns to all prospects to help convert leads from the pipeline
  • Refine sales strategy and create repeatable processes for recruiting qualified leads in high-priority markets to meet company growth goals
    • Evaluate success of existing markets/Editors to define criteria for recruiting successful Editors and prioritizing target cities
  • Work with Account Managers and Compliance Director to develop process for onboarding Editors once they have signed the Franchise Agreement
  • Benchmark competition and monitor blog/email/lifestyle franchise marketing trends and best practices
    • Regularly report key findings to senior leadership
    • Explore and develop partnerships with franchising trade groups, conferences, and online platforms to test and measure lead-generation campaigns through those channels
    • Develop co-marketing partnerships that might bring franchisees into the funnel and create a high-touch client service experience with all partners

Reports to: Managing Director

To Apply:
Outstanding candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and references to careers[at]thescoutguide.


The Scout Guide is looking for a Photoshop Freelancer to edit images for print advertisements to be distributed across 60 markets nationwide. The Photoshop Freelancer will work hand-in-hand with our in-house graphic design team on an as-needed basis. Responsibilities include: completing vanity touchups and making both moderate and significant adjustments to ensure photos meet brand standards for print. Photoshop needs include:

  1. Expected Vanity Touchups
  • Slimming
  • Face Contouring/smoothing
  • Wrinkles on clothing
  • Cleaning up floors
  • Color and facial shadow correcting when shot in harsh indoor lighting
  1. Moderate Adjustments
  • Removing lamp posts/signs
  • Switching faces
  • Changing colors of objects/walls
  • Removing photographer from reflection
  • Excessive clothing wrinkles & clothing adjustments
  • Removing and replacing dead plants
  1. Significant Adjustments
  • Removing People
  • Removing Furniture
  • Removing cars in background/reflections
  • Changing background
  • Major vanity
  • Grass/sky added
  • Adding space on sides of image to enlarge/adjust for gutter
  • Replace ceilings
  • Adding pets or people to a scene

Candidate must adhere to tight deadlines. Subject to approval after a trial run.


  • A four year college degree
  • 2-4 year minimum industry experience
  • Ability to adapt and handle multiple projects at a time
  • Excellent communication skills

To Apply:
Please send resume, cover letter, and before and after examples of prior Photoshop projects to careers[at]

The Production Manager is responsible for shepherding more than 60 TSG city guides and special projects through the production process from design to delivery. Working with teams in remote locations, TSG Headquarters staff, and production partners, the Production Manager conducts project management and scheduling activities for the print guides and all print collateral, works to circumvent problems, and builds great relationships with all parties to ensure that projects are executed efficiently, accurately, and in accordance with TSG’s brand standards and guidelines.


  • Creates an environment that ensures the successful completion of production schedules for design work related to each city guide
  • Keeps projects on track through accurate and timely production management practices and tracking of deliverables
  • Acts as the key point person between all headquarters production and design activity and the production partners
  • Liaises directly with TSG’s print vendors and TSG city Editors
  • Verifies client information and ensures it is captured within established deadlines throughout the creative process (in the future, this may involve building out online platforms or integrating with a CRM)
  • Where necessary, creates processes and policies to maximize efficiency while maintaining quality
  • Provides coaching and feedback to designers
  • Reviews and holds designers accountable for final page impositions for adherence to templates and presets
  • Uses experience and judgement to help all parties achieve desired goals on time and on budget
  • Demonstrates exceptional customer service to clients
  • Tracking and managing costs within TSG’s allocated budget
  • Institutes tracking programs to gather data and improve the production process
  • As needed, manages special projects assigned by the Brand Director


  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, particularly in Outlook and Excel
  • Experience in Adobe Creative Cloud is favorable
  • Experience in print production workflows and best practices
  • Business-oriented college degree and print shop or agency experience

Reports to: Brand Director


The Scout Guide offers a limited number of summer and school-year internships at our Charlottesville, Virginia-based headquarters. We are currently accepting applications for our Summer 2017 internship session, which will run from May – August. If you are interested in pursuing an internship with us, please send an email with the subject line “TSG Internships” and your resume, a detailed cover letter indicating your internship of interest from the list below, and your portfolio (if applicable) to careers[at]thescoutguide.


Account Management Internship:

  • Supports Account Managers with implementing a new CRM (creating new accounts for Editors, rolling out training program, etc.)
  • Maintains and updates the TSG Editor Intranet (WordPress experience helpful but not required)
  • Tracks projects and Editor updates within Account Management CRM platform
  • Assists Account Managers with special projects related to Editor support
  • Researches, develops and presents an internship-long project to the TSG team

Charlottesville Distribution Internship:

  • The Scout Guide Charlottesville Distribution Intern’s main responsibility is distributing TSG books at Member Businesses, as well as other hot-spots around town.
  • Editor will provide a list of locations at the beginning of each week, and the intern may distribute on their own time. Mileage will be reimbursed.
  • Distribution Intern will be tasked with taking social media photographs at Member Businesses to be used on TSG Charlottesville Instagram and Blog.
  • Some event assistance will be needed as well

Digital Marketing Internship:

  • Organizes, curates, creates, and schedules content to be published across TSG National social media platforms
  • Assists Digital Marketing Manager with digital marketing campaigns by generating ideas and implementing strategies
  • Assists with digital post-production process to launch and promote new guide releases online
  • Tracks and reports on web and social analytics
  • Has strong analytical and critical thinking skills as well as an eye for photography and design that is consistent with the TSG brand, voice and aesthetic
  • Researches, develops and presents an internship-long project to the TSG team

Graphic Design Internship:

  • Assists Production Manager with special projects related to graphic support
  • Supports Graphic Designers by handling graphic requests
  • Assists with the production process to help reach department goals
  • Exhibits a solid grasp for design concept and implementation
  • Comfortable working in Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator
  • Researches, develops and presents an internship-long project to the TSG team