SCOUTED: Leather Biker Jacket

SCOUTED_LeatherJacket-Perch A slim cut and light hue make this leather jacket an excellent transition piece that will have you looking chic on chilly evenings and the occasional cold April day. Ideal over a floaty spring dress or paired with skinny jeans and a tee, this treasure from Perch, which was spotted by TSG co-founder Christy Ford while on vacation in Vail, will be an edgy and often-worn addition to any wardrobe.

PERCH // Vail, CO // 970.688.5947


April Loves


“And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast
rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.”
—Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Sensitive Plant

April is full of excitement. Everything starts growing, hatching, and springing forth in general. We start to move outside, shed layers (besides the occasional raincoat, of course), and look for ways to reflect the optimism of the season in each aspect of our everyday life.


1. Yellow pumps from Capitol are perfect for this month. In fact, we’re declaring yellow to be a neutral for the rest of April.
2. Bunnies. Okay, so having the real thing may not make sense for everybody. An Herend blue bunny with a carrot, however, is perfect for any home. Available from The Registry.
3. Baby greens. Most local markets open this month, and we couldn’t be more excited to start our early morning coffee and shopping ritual. Be sure to get there early to snag the best baby greens. We plan to seek them out at Chattanooga Market, Sickles Market, and The Market at Grelen.
4. April’s birthstone, the diamond, could not be more fabulous. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, half birthday, or quarter birthday (hey, go ahead and give it a shot!), this diamond floral brooch is ideal for the occasion. Available from Simon Teakle.
5. Tulips. We adore lush arrangements of these spring beauties. David Brown Flowers incorporates them into swoon-worthy creations.
6. Fishtail braids. This elegantly messy style can stand up to April showers. One Blowdry Bar offers braids and many other options that will have you looking chic this spring.
7. Jean jumpsuits. Cool, sleek, and guaranteed to help you stand out in a crowd, this organic denim wideleg overall jumpsuit from Mina Olya makes a statement.

{Images sources: Flowers; Yellow Pumps; Bunnies; Baby Greens; Tulips; Fishtail Braids; remaining product from featured businesses}


Rooted in Spring

tsg-planters-16 Spring planting season is so close we can almost smell the freshly tilled soil. In the meantime, we are getting our flora fix by starting plants indoors in a variety of vessels and incorporating the bulbs and blossoming buds into our decor. The result is so refreshing we might have a hard time parting with them when it’s time for them to leave the nest, though the silver lining of the soon-to-come outdoor splendor will more than make up for the loss. tsg-planters-17 Glazed vessels in natural colors have major indoor/outdoor appeal. The pottery above from The Mews would be perfect for holding branches of forced blooms while we wait for the trees to catch up.

tsg-planters-3 tsg-planters-11

Silver cups, salt cellars, and julep cups like the sterling one available from Friend & Company above are excellent homes for herbs and other starters. Feel free to skip the polish – a little bit of tarnish only enhances the natural look.

tsg-planters-6 Plants in traditional terra cotta pots are gorgeous grouped together. Playing with different sizes and heights and creates visual interest and lets the natural shape and beauty of the vegetation shine. Living Green has tons of pots available to help you achieve this look.

tsg-planters-2 tsg-planters-1 Starting herbs in kitchen staples like a lion head soup bowl available from The Happy Cook is a delicious way to help the plants come full circle.

tsg-planters-9 tsg-planters-8 Classic white jugs arranged in a group or placed in a row along a windowsill or side table look oh so pretty. We love the worn look of the one on the left, available from Table Matters, and the elegant simplicity of the water jug with handles on the right, available from The Plant Gallery.

tsg-planters-13 tsg-planters-12 Vessels with a bit of texture play nicely off of bulbs, shrubs, and any type of foliage. The two-toned jug from Roxie Daisy (top), olive jars from Red Onion (left), and hand-thrown and hand-glazed pot from Nest are plant-ready perfection.


Words We Love / 10

tsg-convictions-tobeginbegin Spring arrived last week according to the Farmer’s Almanac. Yet one would never have known on Tuesday, when it snowed nearly four inches. But today the weather has taken a seasonal turn – the snow has almost completely melted and we’re excited to begin something new (ie. all of the guides scheduled for production, of which there are no less than eight!). Hello, Spring. We’ve been waiting for you.


Scouted: Woven Leather Computer Case

SCOUTED_LEATHERCOMPUTERCASE-OXFORDEXCHANGE Toting around your computer can be a drag, but a sophisticated case can make the load feel a little lighter. This handmade woven Italian leather computer case is the ideal laptop cover for when you’re on the go, and its smart and chic design will make you the envy of your fellow coffee shop patrons. Stop by Oxford Exchange in Tampa to pick one up if you’re in the neighborhood; out of town shoppers can order online.

OXFORD EXCHANGE // Tampa, FL // 813.253.0222


Charismatic Coffee Tables

tsg-coffee-tables-windsor-smith We admit to having a bit of an obsession with coffee tables. For one thing, we love that what constitutes a coffee table doesn’t have to be a table at all. After all, the coffee table is a relatively new invention – people didn’t used to convene around a low table – so if you’re going for an antique look, you have to think outside of the box (or cut a regular table down to size). We also love that when well curated, a coffee table can really draw you in and make an entire room feel more inviting. Exhibit A: the Windsor Smith design shown above.

tsg-coffee-tables-1 tsg-coffee-tables-Blue-print tsg-coffee-table-courtney-agnosti When styling a coffee table, we think a layered look is so appealing. Varying heights keeps the eye moving and makes you want to reach out and pull off an object and hold it in your hand. Mixing in natural elements is a look we feature often, and we love the scale and texture that the amethyst geode from Blue Print brings to the room. Another way to incorporate texture and scale is introduce something fresh—whether it’s a large vase full of peonies, as seen in Lee Radziwill’s NYC apartment (top: left image), or a single hydrangea like the one in the room by Courtney Agnosti (bottom: left image) you simply can’t go wrong with this addition.

tsg-coffee-table-5 tsg-coffee-tables-6 One of our favorite coffee table looks is adorning a big, square table with a tray that confines multiple elements. Rather than scattering things about, artfully arrange books, vessels, and trinkets, keeping likes with likes to create an intriguing yet well organized table. {Top: Victoria Hagan interiors. Left: Sisters and designers Kelli Ford and Kirsten Fitzgibbons. Right: TSG: Chicago editor Meredith Wood-Prince’s home, designed by Ruthie Sommers.}

tsg-coffee-tables-redd-room tsg-coffee-tables-4 Books, books, and more books on Kate Spade’s coffee table (left), the library room designed by Miles Redd (top), and in a masculine living room designed by Scot Meacham Wood. TSG design director Erika Jack is particularly fond of this volumes upon volumes of volumes look.

tgs-coffee-tables-insta Of course, we believe that no coffee table is complete without a copy of TSG. Share a photo of TSG on your coffee table with us on Instagram and hashtag it with #tsgtable to be entered into a drawing to win your choice of five Scout Guides from our list of cities. You can enter as many times as you wish. Have fun with it! We will choose one winner on April 3rd, 2014 at midnight PST, and we will announce the winning photograph on April 4th, 2014. Look out for your photo on our instagram that day, too! This contest is open to US residents only, full rules and regulations here.

tsg-7-chic-coffee-tables 1. Classic black lacquer from GDC Home  2. Wooden bench with kilim cushion from Trouvé  3. Black lacquer table with inset mineral slab and polished brass squared base from Coup D’Etat  4. Brass faux bamboo cocktail table from Comer & Co  5. Vintage drum table on custom iron base from Back Row Antiques  6. Gilded chest from Revival  7. Vintage iron coffee table base with inset top of reclaimed timber from Found