Friday Favorites: Worthy of Reflection

tsg-mirrors-laura-lee-clark-2 In addition to performing a variety of functions, a beautiful mirror hung with care can take a room to an entirely new level of chic. Capable of adding light and depth, as the above example by Dallas’s Laura Lee Clark shows, mirrors themselves can be utterly mesmerizing, adding sophistication while reflecting a room’s beauty to create a double dose of thoughtful design.

tsg-laura-lee-clark A master of the well-placed mirror, Laura Lee Clark again creates a gorgeous space by balancing soft, feminine colors and reflective surfaces with a detailed black-and-gold piece. Here, she demonstrates how a mirror positioned in an entryway can make a major impact by magnifying not only the light, but also the magnificent moldings.

tsg-mirrors-orricakandcompany Above, Greenwich-based Orrick and Company’s decorative mirror grouping adds depth to the space. We love how the gold frames tie the varying styles together while also giving warmth to the neutral palette.

tsg-mirrors-1 Clockwise from top left, San Francisco-based Kendall Wilkinson’s Pacific Hillside powder room, Napa-based Martha Angus’s well-appointed corner, Kendall Wilkinson’s Sea Cliff Edwardian powder room, and a seating area by Napa’s Robinson Finishes all show how one gorgeous and well-placed mirror can be totally transformative.

tsg-mirrors-heather-garrett For a stunningly dramatic effect, a floor-to-ceiling mirror is just the thing (the more ornate the frame, the better). Situated next to a towering window, the piece in the room above by Durham-based Heather Garrett Interior Design gives the space additional light while accentuating the room’s height.

Fabulously French

tsg-mirrors-digs These mirrors, available from Nashville’s Digs Interiors, are sure to spur serious moments of reflection. The Parisian Louis XVI mirror (left) measures 50″ h x 30″ w, while the Wood and brass mirror (right) measures 49″ h x 33″ w.

tsg-mirros-geribremmerman We could go on for days about this French Provincial mirror with detailed floral and garden themed carving, available from Bremermann Designs, which measures 68″ h x 37″ w. Call and claim it before we do.

Architectural accents

tsg-mirror-three-architctural-must-haves (Top) the overlapping gold circles  of the “Avery” gold mirror, from Atlanta’s Bungalow Classic, are perfectly placed adding just the right amount of interest. BONUS: The mirror is purchased per panel, which measure 18″ w x 45″ h, so it quite literally fits almost anywhere!; (Bottom, left) rounded in all the right places, the “Maggie” antique mirror with silver lining finish is available from Dwelling & Design and measures 35″ w x 35″ h; (Bottom, right) a forever classic, this white painted arched mirror with original wood-carved frame measures 31.5″ w  x 70.5″ h and is available from Atlanta’s South of Market.


tsg-mirrors-seeing-circles (Top) funky yet oh-so chic, the “fly” mirror with gilt panels and inset convex mirrors from San Francisco-based Coup D’Etat measures 41.25” w x 41.25” h and is sure to catch your eye buzzing about; (bottom, left) silver tree branch inspired mirror from Jackson Hole’s Dwelling is rustic in all the right ways; (bottom, right) this gilt-iron sunflower mirror with antique looking-glass from Coup D’Etat measures 51” in diameter and has just the right amount combination of masculine heft and feminine delicacy.


Words We Love / 28



October Loves


I speak this poem now with grave and level voice
In praise of autumn, of the far-horn-winding fall.

I praise the flower-barren fields, the clouds, the tall
Unanswering branches where the wind makes sullen noise.

I praise the fall: it is the human season.
—Archibald MacLeish, “Immortal Autumn

While the first day of fall technically occurs in September, it’s not until October that it truly feels official. This month, the landscape will undergo its annual transformation from green to red and gold, the air will take on a deliciously crisp chill, and we’ll pull out the sweaters and blankets and bourbon in celebration of autumn’s arrival.


1. Abstract art. This time of year we’re particularly moved by layered, vibrant, contemporary works like New Orleans-based artist Mallory Page’s utterly compelling paintings.
2. Earthly earrings. We’re gravitating toward substantial pieces, like these 18 karat diamond orchard earrings, available from Jackson Hole, Wyoming’s Goodie 2 Shoes.
3. Group costumes. Hire an expert (see your local TSG for our favorites in your area) and start planning your Halloween party now! Earn bonus points for coming up with a group costume idea in which the entire family can participate.
4. Fall bob. For some reason, every October we feel the urge to get a healthy chop. If you’re in Denver, visit the experts at the acclaimed Matthew Morris Salon for a new fall look.
5. Leather backpacks. The back-to-school staple isn’t just for kids. Chicago’s Laudi Vidni has chic, customizable grown-up options that’ll put you at the head of the class.
6. Apple cider donuts. These fall favorites are best when enjoyed with a great cup of coffee. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, that means paying a visit to Buddy Brew before enjoying your sweet treat.
7. Plaid layers. There’s something about a perfectly fitted fall jacket in the classic cold-weather pattern that we just can’t resist. Dallas-based Pockets Menswear has a wonderful selection.

{Lead image by mStarr Event Styling and Design in South Shore, Massachusetts. To see more of their gorgeous work, find them on Instagram.}


SCOUTED: 1920s Gramophone Horn Pendant Light

SCOUTED-1920GramaphoneHornPendant-Chairish We’re going on record as being fans of this gorgeous black and gold 1920s vintage gramophone horn that has been repurposed as a pendant light. Measuring 11” w x 11” d x 25” h, the one-of-a-kind find is perfect for brightening up a study, nook, or library in need of some vintage style.

Chairish  // San Francisco, CA  //  415.373.6494


Bright Ideas

tsg-wearing-white-smythe-metallic-jacket-at-beanine-and-cecil Perhaps as a sartorial protest against the days growing shorter, lately we’ve been gravitating toward white apparel and accessories with renewed fervor. Whether or not brightening up our wardrobes can ward off any impending seasonal gloom, as the above ensemble from Wilmington’s Beanie + Cecil shows, this fall there seems to be an abundance of chic options for both sparkle-seekers and the neutrally inclined, proving that wearing white after Labor Day is hardly beyond the pale.

tsg-wearing-white-this-fall-7 With the addition of the slightest detail, white becomes far from bland or boring. Black lace at the shoulder (and back!) of the crisp Cooper and Ella Peyton Blouse, available from Cakewalk Style in Houston, makes it an ideal autumn go-to. And both conservative and adventurous dressers can appreciate Robert Clergerie’s embossed leather lace-up brogues, available from Christel’s in Omaha. Whether you crave a classic fit or a contrast to your typically darker fall pieces, this autumn offers a wide variety of bright options sure to suit your style; here are some of our favorites:

tsg-wearing-white-this-fall-collage 1. Nonoo Criss cross jumper from Coral in Charlotte, NC; 2. Reece Hudson Phoenix handbag from Coral; 3. Cheri Dunnigan woven torque pearl collar necklace from Shannon Green Collection in Naples, FL; 4. Smythe white Reefer coat from Glow in Shrewsbury, NJ; 5. Clingy capri lizard wallet from 49 Square Miles in San Francisco; 6. Loren Hope Sylvia necklace from Monkee’s of Raleigh; 7. Frame Denim forever Karlie mid-rise skinny jeans from Mimi in New Orleans; 8. Temple St. Clair 18K crystal moonface earrings with pave diamonds from Goodie 2 Shoes in Jackson Hole, WY; 9. Common Projects sneakers coming Spring ’15 to Brigade in Cleveland; 10. Frame Denim forever Karlie high-rise flared jeans from Mimi.

Those still hesitant about wearing white after Labor Day—as well as anyone seeking additional inspiration for incorporating the non-color into their wardrobes this season—should watch this video of Birmingham-based Southern Femme style coach Megan LaRussa Chenoweth explaining how to pull off white apparel post-summer, and check out her tips for wearing white jeans year-round.


Admire It, Acquire It: Art That Makes An Impact

tsg-art-with-an-impact-12 While we love a good gallery wall and grouping, a large, powerful piece of art that can stand alone and occupy a whole wall can be so moving. As the above image from McAlpine Booth & Ferrier shows, the beauty and sophistication of a large-scale painting (or in this case two!) can immediately transform a space into an intimate setting. From animals to abstract colors to sculpture, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite commanding pieces:

tsg-art-with-an-impact-19 tsg-art-with-an-impact-9 (Top) A quiet but stunning giant, this painting by Michael Dines measures 112″ W x 88″ H and captures the scale and grace of the pachyderm perfectly, while the pastel hues found in both the work of Nashville-based artist Lisa Jennings‘s Blackbird Trail (left), and the room designed by McAlpine Booth Ferrier (right) draw you in with their soft morninglike serenity.

tsg-art-with-an-impact-8 From the Eames chairs to the clean white cabinet wall, this oh-so chic and appropriately named “Modern Gallery House,” designed by Sutro Architects, lets the art speak for itself. We love it!

tsg-art-with-an-impact-22 (Top), layers of vibrant hues and exposed lines weave together to create Christopher Baer’s striking “Palisades #045,” available from Page Bond Gallery. (Bottom, left), saturated, scribbled, and ethereal, Mallory Page‘s “The Existence of Force Fields” would add a sophisticated sensibility to any space. (Bottom, right), keeping in the abstract state of mind, the mid-century oil by S. Stoutemmer, c. 1964, is available from Malachite Home.

tsg-art-with-an-impact-6 San Francisco-based designer Kendal Wilkinson mixes classic elegance with a painting bearing bold colors and furious brushstrokes, creating her own gorgeous work of art.

tsg-art-with-an-impact-13 Sculpture is another way to add movement, texture, and interest to a room. Ran Adler’s work, available from the Gardner Colby Gallery, is not only organic, graphic and tactile, but has a naturally delicate symmetry to it, complementing any modern bohemian’s style.

tsg-art-with-an-impact-17 There is no question that a light neutral palette is a favorite here at TSG HQ, and incorporating heavier elements like the above Frederic Crist bronze, available from Page Bond Gallery, captures the eye and grounds a room.

tsg-art-with-an-impact-21 From the sculptural wings to the marionette-like composition, Megan Hurdle‘s “The Horse” has a mythical quality about it, and is sure to inspire a space and those within it.

Forever searching, my art is the result of an attempt to make sense of the world around me.
—Megan Hurdle

tsg-art-with-impact-14 Pop-culture and art go together like Mickey and Mini, Donald and Daisy, Goofy and Pluto…you get the point. It’s a classic combination, and when done right it can fill a room with thoughtful whimsey, as shown in the above living room from TSG Virginia Beach & Norfolk photographer Kip Dawkins‘s portfolio.

tsg-art-with-an-impact-Ashley-Longshore-'Holy-Fuck' Watching New Orleans-based artist Ashley Longshore‘s career is like popping Orville Redenbacher, sitting three inches from the TV, and not blinking. What can we say, we’re completely captivated and cannot wait to see what she does next. Tune in, or you will most definitely miss out!