Lighten Up

tsg-white-rooms-apsen-thelittlenell Clean, bright, versatile, and inviting, white rooms convey a sense of serene sophistication that we find difficult to resist. Far from being bland or just a blank slate, as the suite by Holly Hunt Design for Aspen’s The Little Nell shows, white walls and ceilings look crisp and fresh while creating an alluring sense of lightness that enlivens any space.

tsg-white-rooms-KWD-Castle-In-The-Sky-001 When paired with black and chrome, white is so chic and sleek. We love how the bright white walls and trim let the gleaming checkerboard floor and chrome details shine in the above room by San Francisco’s Kendall Wilkinson Design.

TSG_white_KDW In this stunning project by Virginia Beach’s KDW Home, an open kitchen with white walls, vaulted ceiling, and white marble accents gives way to a bright white, sun-drenched living room, creating a seamlessly airy space that we dream of inhabiting.

tsg-white-rooms-details2 The talented designers behind Blue Print in Dallas know how to use white well. The slightly grey tone in the paint used in the room by Jenkins Interiors (top, left) beautifully sets off the framed artwork and silver pieces, while a warmer white makes the breakfast nook by Collins Interiors (bottom, left) feel cozy, clean, and cheerful. The intricately detailed baluster on the staircase is beautifully enhanced by a coat of creamy white (top, right); a slightly lighter white makes the trim and mantel stand out in a welcoming seating area (bottom, right).

tsg-white-rooms-revivalinteriors Substantial furniture and a black fireplace anchor this tranquil Revival Interiors room. We like how the variations of the materials and milky hues keep the eye moving and the decor from looking too perfectly matched.

tsg-white-rooms-gardenvariety-2 Jeannette Whitson of Garden Variety‘s home, which was recently featured in House Beautiful, offers many lovely examples of how to incorporate white throughout one’s abode. Here, the hue highlights the architectural details and high ceilings of a gorgeous stairwell adorned with contrasting black iron fixtures.

tsg-white-rooms-Heather-Garrett-Interior-Design White provides an excellent backdrop for art in the spaces by Durham-based Heather Garrett Interior Design, above. A cooler white plays nicely off the blues in the artwork in the room on the left; a yellow-toned white painted wall on the right pairs nicely with the pastel palette of the painting, warm wood of the staircase, and off-white shell chandelier in the room featured on the right.

tsg-white-rooms-Charlotte-Lucas A white cabinet and shelving set into a crisply painted wall serves as the perfect bar area in this project by Charlotte-based Charlotte Lucas. The glass and metallics on the bottom shelves create a neatly arranged, modern look while colorful coffee table books and a sculptural knot add color and warmth to the tableau.


Scouted: Design+Build Dream Home Kit

SCOUTED-RoominateRedRacerHobbyShop Forget Barbie’s Dream House, this house will inspire girls to dream big. Romminate’s Design + Build Dream Home Kit was created by engineers from Caltech, MIT, and Stanford dedicated to helping future female tech innovators develop science, math, technology, and engineering skills. From laying out the floor plan to turning on the lights, young designers will have fun considering every aspect of their work in progress. Call Red Racer and purchase this for the aspiring architect in your life today.

Red Racer  //  Los Altos, CA  //  650.383.5078




SCOUTED: Stacked Brass Lamp

SCOUTED-Lum-StackedBrassLamp This gorgeous stacked brass lamp, by Frederick Cooper available at Lum, is simple yet elegant. Measuring 8″ square base x 17″ H, it will elevate any room with a luminous golden glow.

LUM  //  New Orleans, LA  // 504.939.1474


Elegantly Enclosed

tsg-tents-eks-tents-aspen Creatively enhancing the beauty of the outdoors with a gorgeous tent can take a lovely evening outside to an absolutely magical level. From a practical standpoint tents make good sense for obvious reasons, but let’s be honest: when done right they create a perfectly elegant space. Case in point, skillfully layered sun-soaked event featured above by EKS Events, in Aspen.

tsg-tents-Birch-Design-Studio Known for their incredible bespoke events, Birch Design Studio, in Chicago, framed this pool perfectly, with a stylish structure, completing the backdrop for a serene and sophisticated soirée.

tsg-tents-details It’s all in the details. Left: from the draping, to the styling, Easton Events added the right amount of romantic soft touches to this Skyline tent; top, right: a perfectly placed chandelier, thanks to Birch Design Studio, creates a glamorous and eye-catching detail; bottom, right: cheerful and fun, the black and white dance floor, designed by Calder Clark, in Charleston, is the perfect accessory for the classic Sperry tent, from Sperry Tents Southeast, and creates a playful place for people to gather (and get down!).

tsg-tents-belle-haven Having an abundance of flowers and personal details ensures that people will feel at home, and the neutral Sperry tent, at Belle Haven, in Charlottesville, enhances the natural beauty inside and out.

tsg-tents-sperry-nj-dc-southeast Handcrafted by sailmakers, Sperry tents complement any setting with their classic lines, elegant peaks, and recognizable flags. Top and bottom, right: Sperry Tents Washington, DC tucks tents into just the right place balancing nature and structure thoughtfully; bottom, left: festive decorations, by Beehive Events captured by the talented Jen Fariello, play off of the fun and magical blue and white star Sperry tent.

tsg-tents-skyline-teepee A well-placed tent, or in this case a teepee, available from Sperry Tents Southeast, is not only statement-making but also anchors an entire field, making an open space immediately intimate. Not to mention, it pops against it’s surroundings, in a oh-so rustic-chic way.

tsg-tents-sperrytentsNJ Sperry Tents New Jersey’s tent light up the sky, along with the fireworks, adding a soft yet festive glow to the night sky.


Indigo Inspiration

tsg-indigo-Eclectic-sidney-wagner We love colors that are versatile yet pack a punch. Part blue, part purple, and occasionally tinged with gray, indigo encompasses a range of tones that marry well with almost anything you put with them, but are more than capable of making a statement when standing alone. As the above shot of Charleston’s Eclectic shows, the color can really hold its own.

tsg-porterdesign The rich indigo hue perfectly suits the ornate sofa in this room by Princeton-based Porter Design Company. In addition, the soothing blue is the ideal shade to complement the coordinating orange and cream throws and drapes.

tsg-glenfries-michalewu A bathroom done in intricate indigo tile feels like an oasis. Taking a soak in the Glen Fries Associates Architects creation (left) would be utterly transporting, while Michael S. Wu s version makes us feel underwater without even turning on the shower.

tsg-indigo-tualboutique-simonteakle When paired with silver or a bit of sparkle, a deep, violet blue truly shines. The silver and indigo MZ Wallace clutch, available from Princeton’s Tula The Boutique  would look lovely paired with a white dress or dark jeans, while the stunning art deco lapis lazuli and diamond clip brooches, available from Simon Teakle in Greenwich, will have you dressed to impress at any special occasion.

tsg-indigo-orrickcompany-hiddlebrooks-msrauantiques Deep blue velvet takes center stage yet again via a plush sectional in a cozy sitting room by Greenwich-based Orrick and Company. Sherrie Wolf’s “Two Pears, Night,” available from Charlotte’s Hidell Brooks Gallery, captures the mesmerizing array of colors in the evening sky.


Blue and white is an eye-catching and utterly classic combination. Here, Virginia Beach’s Kathy Knack Interior Designs employs a deep blue-and-white Chinese porcelain planter for a lovely effect; while the dark blues play beautifully against the moss and leaves, they meld wonderfully with the other colors and patterns in the room.

tsg-indigo-combo-3 Top: A pair of blue and white temple jars, available from Trouvé in Phoenix, are ready to dress up any mantel; bottom, left: a deep blue and seafoam pillow from Cotton and Quill in Birmingham’s Terrace collection, which combines Asian influences, chintz, and chinoiserie, will be the perfect addition to a favorite chair; bottom, right: blue and green drip-glazed lamps from Lum in New Orleans will both illuminate and elevate any setting.

tsg-indigo-mstar-summerhouse-emyoart South Shore, Massachusetts’s mStarr Event Design‘s blue-and-white florals mixed with cobalt and celadon glass looks so fresh and elegant; bottom, left: blue-and-white chevron and bone boxes, available from Jackson, Mississippi’s SummerHouse, will brighten any shelf or tabletop; bottom, right: we’re drawn to the bold strokes and blue-and-white palette of this work by EMYO Artworks in Memphis.

tsg-indigo-South_Raleigh For those in search of blue-and-white wares, South in Chapel Hill is an excellent destination, thanks to owner Rebecca Rosenberg, shown above in her store.


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