Scouted: Pedestal Dining Table

SCOUTED_PedestalDiningTable-HollandCo This stunning aged reproduction from the period furnishing experts at Holland & Company, which has imported antiques and reproductions for more than a century, will elevate any dining room. Available in walnut, mahogany or cherry, the pedestal table comes in custom sizes and is designed to accommodate drop-in leaves to suit any room or dinner party size.

Holland & Company // Atlanta, GA // 800.446.5526



tsg-yellow-monticello It is a truth universally acknowledged, that yellow is the happiest color. Its warmth and cheer are utterly contagious. Sure, in fashion and decor it can be tricky to pull off, but when well employed, even the most color-averse cannot possibly be immune to its charms. Exhibit A: the dining room at Monticello, above, which was restored to its original marigold glory in 2010 thanks to TSG brand ambassador—and Monticello trustee—Charlotte Moss, who designed the table setting.

tsg-yellow-theclassics-chanel Canary-hued classics: Cecil Beaton’s New York and Chanel suits. Couture consignment store The Trunk Show in Charleston has a vintage yellow metallic Chanel number (not pictured) that is ready to brighten up someone’s day.

tsg-yellow-interior-amanda-nesbit Yellow touches make the Amanda Nisbet-designed room so warm and inviting. We’re ready to curl up on the blue velvet sofa under the buttery throw for the rest of the afternoon.

tsg-yellow-accessories As we all know, yellow can be difficult to wear. Therefore, we asked San Francisco-based stylist Linda Buckman for her thoughts on the best way to incorporate the color into our looks. “Women who truly look great in spring’s ‘it’ colors canary yellow or neon lemon are few and far between,” Buckman says. “I recommend buying touches of canary yellow in a scarf, jewelry, handbags and shoes. You can also ‘neutral down’ the tonal effect of a canary yellow top by adding a scarf and jewelry in yellows that better enhance your skin, like butternut with amber jewelry, for a more toasted look on women with bronzy skin and warm eyes and hair. Alternatively, you can choose a softer version of yellow and pair it with your eye or hair colors, like a soft lemon with blue green.”

tsg-yellow-clothes We love the mustard tones in the bracelet by The Woods Fine Jewelry, and the shorts, available from Hattie Sparks, are absolutely adorable—as well as on trend.

“The good news is, because yellow is so popular for spring, you are bound to find a variety of yellows that flatter you, like Sunflower, Champagne, Golden fleece, and Honeysuckle.”
—Stylist Linda Buckman

tsg-yellow-and-turq How vibrant and compelling is the abstract painting by New Orleans artist Mallory Page, who is currently showing at Austin’s Wally Workman Gallery and was just named one of “12 Southern Artists to Buy Now” in Southern Living? We’re also enamored with the Manuel Canovas fabric on the settee, available from Stedman House, which beautifully illustrates how lovely yellow can look when married with both brights and neutrals.

tsg-yellow-greenish For the faint of heart, small citron touches are the way to go. The chair from Stedman House would be an excellent addition for someone who wants to experiment with color but shies away from anything remotely aggressive. A lacquer umbrella stand, available from Lamshop, is another great option. We love the idea of storing rain gear in such a visually uplifting accessory.

tsg-yellow-interior For sunnier shades, we asked the talented Doug Davis of Birmingham-based Hannon Douglas Interiors to share his philosophy on how best to use the hue. “Yellow is a great accent against cooler colors like pale grey or pale blue,” says Davis. “It livens up a space and brings a touch of fun and whimsy, even in small doses.” With that in mind, we have our eye on the mod yellow enamel stool available from SOM, and the Osborne and Little “Japonerie” wallpaper available from Stedman House.

tsg-yellow-outdoors You have to admit, yellow accessories, like the pillow from GDC Home in Charleston, pair with neutral outdoor decor like iced tea and lemonade.

tsg-yellow-nancy-lancaster A lemony dream: Nancy Lancaster’s iconic yellow room.

{Image sources: Cecil Beaton book; Chanel Runway; Yellow and blue canopy bedroom; Yellow Sun Hat; Interior with yellow chair; Nancy Lancaster iconic yellow room; products from featured businesses}


Charming Children’s Rooms

tsg-kids-rooms-traditional-girls-rooms A child’s room needs to be a variety of things: a place for quiet time, play, and pretending. The space needs to create a sense of calm without stifling creativity, and accommodate a fair amount of silliness along with a good night’s sleep. This might seem like a tall order, but, as is evidenced by the charming Robin Pelissier designed room above, with the right palette, some whimsical touches, and a little restraint, a well appointed kid’s room is not just the stuff of fairytales.

tsg-kids-rooms-mixofnewandold-girls For the little one who truly commits to a favorite color, Liz Carroll Interiors’s version of pink perfection keeps things visually interesting through a mix of hues and both modern and traditional touches sure to please any princess. tsg-kids-rooms-girls-wall-mural How sweet are these hand-painted murals by Chicago’s Patrick Roullier Design? Custom artwork is an excellent way to transform a room into a secret garden, enchanted kingdom, or other magical realm.

tsg-kids-rooms-fun-nooks-girls Carving out special places for specific activities can help maximize play space and keep clutter in check. Creative nooks can be the ideal place to put on a performance, as demonstrated by the Liz Carroll Interiors mini-stage, or offer a cozy retreat for some relaxation, such as in the little bunk by Charleston’s Classic Remodeling.

tsg-kids-rooms-paternwalls-girls There is no rule that states that everything in a child’s room must be childish. Incorporating a variety of patterns and colorful, textural accents makes the Laura Lee Clark room above feel youthful, but with just a few changes it can be easily adapted for a more grown-up feel should the occupant decide it’s time for an update.

tsg-kids-rooms-girls-modern With its shag rug, geometric wallpaper and textiles, modern swing, and edgy light fixture, this room, by Lucy and Company, exudes style and won’t soon be outgrown. We highly recommend checking out their portfolio of creative kids’ rooms, for which they are known.

tsg-kids-rooms-modern-accents It’s never too early to start teaching your little one to appreciate chic decor. A Purple Lou Lou Ghost children’s chair and rosy-violet Duchess Chandelier, available from Nest Dallas, both make strong statements without being overpowering.

tsg-kids-rooms-boys-modern tsg-kids-rooms-blue We love the bold blue hues and patterns in the rooms by Coats Homes (top) and Northworks Architects + Planners (above). You simply cannot go wrong with kid art, a calming palette, and plenty of picture books.

tsg-kids-room-boys-classicandclean tsg-kids-rooms-boys-animals-stripes Preppy with a splash of safari-influenced accessories is also a winning combination. The burnt orange and royal blue-accented room (top), designed by Cynthia Collins, owner of Blue Print in Dallas, and lime green and navy-accented room (above), designed by Liz Carroll Interiors, prove why this crisp yet playful look will never go out of style.

tsg-kids-rooms-animals Lucy and Company clearly understands the three must-haves for any kids’ room: A hiding spot, someplace soft to rest your head, and a friend.

{All images via featured businesses}


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Teepees and Tassels and Tutus, Oh My!

tsg-admire-kids-party-teepee A lot of TSG tykes have celebrated birthdays recently, which has given us plenty of opportunities to seek out new sources of party-planning inspiration for the pint-size set.

tsg-acquire-kids-teepee We adore the teepee trend, which gives any gathering a fun focal point (and a place to hide out, which is always a plus). Austin’s Loot Vintage Rentals can provide one for your next soiree, and if you’re in need of eye candy, be sure to check out their Instagram feed.


tsg-acquire-ballon-decor When it comes to decorations, everyone knows that hot air is the perfect way to add a little flair. Giant tassel balloons, available from Play!, are the perfect festive touch for a child’s celebration—they offer all the impact of a balloon bunch while minimizing the flyaway factor that multiple strings present.

tsg-admire-photobooth-kids-party tsg-acquire-kids-photobooth As TSG co-founder Christy Ford states in her Founders Note on Whimsical Birthday Parties 101, a photo booth is always a source of fun. Playing dress-up, making funny faces, and taking home a picture to commemorate the occasion all make for a memorable experience. Be sure to have good props on hand, such tutus, feather boas, oversize sunglasses, party crowns like the one above, available from Play!, and handlebar mustaches, like the ones from Nüvonivo.

tsg-admire-framed-art tsg-acquire-it-kids-art Parties that encourage creativity result in both fond memories and colorful kid art you’ll want to display with pride. Wine & Design hosts birthday parties for children as part of their Art Buzz Kids programming that’ll help them indulge their inner Picasso while creating one-of-a-kind party favors. If you’re in Charleston, Charlotte, Raleigh, or Wilmington, look into this option for your next fete!

{Image sources: Backyard teepee; House covered in balloons; Balloon party table; Vintage photobooth; Framed art: left, right; products from featured businesses}


Words We Love / 11

TSG-AlbertHadley As the weekend quickly approaches these words seem wiser by the second. It’s hard to resist the urge to indulge in some spring cleaning and seasonal spruce-ups, but remember to get outside and smell the freshly bloomed flowers, too.

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