Cause for Celebration: 100 Volumes of TSG

tsg_100vol_1 Last week, we celebrated a significant milestone at TSG Headquarters: With the publication of The Scout Guide Charleston, Vol. 4we welcomed our 100th volume of The Scout Guide. So while we spend most of our time here sharing what we’re inspired by, highlighting the wonderful (and often one-of-a-kind) items that we covet, and garnering advice from our vast network of experts, today we’re going to take a moment to look back.

TSG_Charleston_Vol4_CF2 In 2010, TSG’s founders, Christy Ford and Susie Matheson, approached a community of small business owners, artists, and artisans in their hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, with a vision: a book that would showcase the faces behind the local places that they loved, and highlight the wealth of talent the area had to offer.

The idea for TSG originated with a blog Matheson started while raising her three young children, called Scout Charlottesville; her voice and local finds resonated with readers. Ford, who owns an antiques and home furnishings store, had recognized the need for a curated resource for locals and travelers as well. They decided the guide had to be coffee table-worthy, as it was meant to serve as a lasting reference and source of inspiration for anyone who picked it up, and enlisted a photographer and a graphic designer (TSG’s current Design Director, Erika Jack), and over the course of a few months they created The Scout Guide Charlottesville, Vol. 1, with the second floor of Ford’s store, And George, serving as home base.

Celebrating 100 Volumes of TSG with Charlotetesville, Aspen, and Hilton Head Beaufort and Bluffton Soon after the publication of the initial Charlottesville Guide in April 2010, visitors to Charlottesville who saw the books around town began to enquire about creating guides for their cities. Working with the small team in Charlottesville, Charleston-based editor Michele Johnson launched TSG Charleston, Vol. 1 in September of 2011. Six months later, TSG Charlotte, Vol. 1 launched, and was quickly followed by the inaugural volumes of Guides to Northern Virginia; Aspen; Dallas; Birmingham; San Francisco; Greenwich; Hunt Country, Virginia; Richmond; Washington, D.C.; Denver; Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill; Naples; Nashville; Omaha; New Orleans; and Palm Beach. By the end of 2012, TSG city guides could be found in 19 locations, curated by editors across the country with backgrounds in design, law, merchandising, photography, public relations, and a variety of other fields—and designed and produced by the growing team at HQ.

The concept behind TSG continued to spread in 2013, as editors in Princeton; Phoenix; Atlanta; Virginia Beach; Napa; Chicago; Austin; South Shore, Massachusetts, Houston, Silicon Valley, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Vail, Greensboro, Annapolis, and Wilmington brought together their local talents in beautiful print books and online. Meanwhile, new volumes of the guide were created for previously established TSG cities. The space above And George in Charlottesville was beginning to feel a bit crowded.

Our editors are tireless, creative, and absolutely dedicated to their towns. Our members are passionate, inspiring, and enrich their communities every day. And our readers appreciate and understand the value of supporting and living local, whether they’re at home or traveling, at work or at play.

In 2014, we welcomed even more TSG cities: editors brought the guide to Baton Rouge; Tampa Bay; Jackson, Mississippi; Pinehurst; Memphis; Savannah; Hilton Head; Cleveland; Jackson Hole; San Antonio; Minneapolis; Lexington; Fort Worth; and Jacksonville. Just a few weeks into 2015, we’ve already launched guides in Louisville and Sarasota, and we are excited to see guides to new cities—as well as new volumes to existing TSG locations and our first national guide, TSG Equestrian—in print in the coming months. And renovations are underway for TSG to take over a small portion of And George’s downstairs space (don’t worry, there’s still plenty of room for beautiful things).

Celebrating 100 volumes of TSG: Cleveland Volume 1 While we’re enormously proud of where we are (we have guides to 52 cities in print, for those who are counting, and 8 more in production), we feel unbelievably fortunate for who we are—80 editors, more than 3,000 artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs who are members of our network, and countless readers who have picked up one of the 2,000,000 guides showcasing the faces behind the places that make our cities unique. Our editors are tireless, creative, and absolutely dedicated to their towns. Our members are passionate, inspiring, and enrich their communities every day. And our readers appreciate and understand the value of supporting and living local, whether they’re at home or traveling, at work or at play. Five years and 100 volumes later, we are still absolutely thrilled every time someone calls us at TSG HQ and says how excited they are to have discovered one of our guides, and how wonderful their city looks in print. Thanks for calling, and we agree—local never looked so good.

In light of our 100th volume’s publication, we are going to celebrate each book TSG has ever published over the next 100 days, highlighting each TSG city and the people and places that have helped us reach this milestone. We hope you’ll join and follow us throughout this celebration on Facebook and on Instagram, where you can participate in our #HowILocal campaign and be entered to win a trip for two to TSG HQ’s hometown of Charlottesville (find more details about the contest here). You can also visit our How I Local Pinterest board, where we’ll be pinning images of how you local, so please check back often. Here’s to another 100 volumes!


Scouted: Peony Pink and White Stripe Swimsuit

SCOUTED_PEONYONEPIECE While depending on one’s location the weekend forecast may include temperatures in the single-digits, a snowstorm, or something else that could be described as less-than-tropical, today we’re choosing to focus instead on the warm winter getaways we have planned and the fact that summer is just a few months away. Nothing says “fun in the sun” like a striped swimsuit, and with its high neck and bright pink color, this Jets one piece is like a breath of saltwater-tinged fresh air. Buy it for spring break or simply as a reminder that winter won’t last forever.

Bloom //  South Shore, MA // 781.749.0063


Top Shelf

tsg-shelves-Landy-Gardner-shelves3 After starting off the week with a TSG Tip on styling shelves, we sought out some additional inspiration from our vast network of talents. Not surprisingly, the results, including the above symmetrical stunner by Nashville’s Landy Gardner Interiors, are pretty remarkable. From traditional to contemporary, book-filled to examples exclusively featuring objets, we discovered beautifully composed shelves sure to suit any taste.

tsg-Julie-Couch-shelves We adore the way the blue glass, silver vessels, white books, and photographs in white frames echo the neutral furnishings yet stand out against their dark surroundings in this project by Nashville’s Julie Couch Interiors. With their cohesiveness and soothing palette, the elements are elegant and unobtrusive, yet nevertheless catch and move the eye along. 

tsg-shelves-lucy-and-co-2 In this space by Charlotte’s Lucy and Company, each shelf has its own vibe, but the consistent background and use of gold tones keeps everything feeling connected and complete. There is a lot of personality on display, and we enjoy taking in each individual piece as much as the overall effect of the whole.

tsg-shelves-Landy-Gardner-shelves2 Here, Landy Gardner Interiors achieves wonderful symmetry and order again with rows of leatherbound books, a few well placed globes, and some carefully chosen framed photos, allowing the art and tucked back sofa to steal the show. This is the perfect environment in which to sit, sip, and plan your next adventure.

tsg-shelves-andrew-fleshner White cubes filled with neutral-hued books, gold-toned art, and white vessels and objects layered to perfection make this project by Minneapolis’s Andrew Flesher feel warm and full of personality. The strategically placed sculptural orbs add wonderful variety to the mix and keep the eye moving.

tsg-shelves-M-Interiors-San-An-shelves San Antonio-based M Interiors achieves lovely balance with a variety of elements either standing alone in each compartment or positioned in carefully thought out groupings. Bird figures are mimicked by blue and white objects placed atop a stack of books on the shelf below, and three turquoise vases placed close together create a similar shape on the shelf underneath, with complementary objects adorning the rest.

tsg-shelves-Matt-Garcia-Design-Austin-shelves1 Of course, there is something so satisfying about seeing shelves lined with books, books, and more books, as in this project by Austin’s Matt Garcia Design. While the shelves are punctuated by the occasional vessel, and the swath of blue background provides a nice visual break, we appreciate a bibliophile who isn’t afraid to put their passion on display.

tsg-shelves-Shaun-Smith-Henry-Clay-Sarah-Essex-Bradley-photos3-610x915 Stylish, serene, and oh so clean, this space by New Orleans’s Shaun Smith captured by TSG New Orleans photographer Sara Essex Bradley still oozes with charm and personality thanks to personal details placed throughout.

tsg-shelves-McKinney-York-Austin-shelves1 Everything about the above wall in a project by Austin’s McKinney York Architects works so beautifully. Horizontal stacks of multicolored books climbing to the ceiling on the left; vertically placed volumes on the right; art spaced throughout; dancing figures and framed black-and-white photographs atop cupboards…this is shelf perfection.


Words We Love / 45

Words We Love: #45


Scouted: Monique Péan Sut’Ana Necklace

SCOUTED_TayloePiggott Featuring fossilized woolly mammoth, white diamond, and rose gold, this hand-carved necklace by Monique Péan is a truly special piece. Utterly unique, it makes a bold statement thanks to its pattern and past, and will elevate any look without overpowering the wearer. Call and claim it before we do.

Tayloe Piggott Jewelry // Jackson Hole, WY // 307.733.0555


With Love: Gifts for Your Valentine

tsg-Vday_GiftGuide Even those who embrace a good gift-giving challenge can find shopping for Valentine’s Day to be a bit tricky. When confronted with finding just the right way to say “I love you,” one can feel a bit paralyzed. Therefore, to keep February 14-induced anxiety at bay, we sought out a variety of presents that we feel are sure to please. Here are our picks (clockwise from top left):

One can never go wrong with jewelry. A necklace of African coral beads with a silver Ethiopian cross, available from Charleston’s ibu, is stunning and soulful. // A rose gold Monica Rich Kosann Poesy ring bearing the inscription “Forever” is a sentimental (yet not overly sweet) selection. Available from Atlanta’s Laura Pearce Ltd. // Sometimes whimsical is the way to go, and in such moments, “frilloons” like the ones shown from Minneapolis-based event stylist White Peacock, fit the bill. // If you’d like to show you care with a little sparkle, consider these gold and pave diamond earrings from Charleston’s Croghan’s Jewel Box. // A comfy-chic sweater is like giving someone a stylish hug for their wardrobe. Available from You Are Here in Fort Worth, Texas. // No one can resist a show-stopping shoe. Oscar de la Renta’s Colu Sandal, available from Naples’s Marissa Collections, is an utter work of art. // Songs have been written about red dresses, and for good reason. This silk number from Palm Beach’s Tomas Maier proves why. // Antique books are a beautiful and timeless gift that the literature lover in your life will treasure. 22-volume Waverly novels by Sir Walter Scott available from Denver’s Black Tulip Antiques. // A work of art like New Orleans-based artist Alexis Walter’s awe-inspiring painting is a thoughtful and lasting present sure to be appreciated every day.