SCOUTED: Canvas Backpack

SCOUTED-CanvasBackpack-49SquareMiles Stylish, durable, and ready for work or play, this backpack by San Francisco-based 49 Square Miles perfectly pairs form and function. Featuring high-quality Italian leather, adjustable buckle straps, and plenty of pockets, it’s a must-have for those wish to look chic while hitting the streets.

49 Square Miles  // San Francisco, CA  //  415.904.0690


Friday Favorites: Rainy Day-Ready Rooms

tsg-mudrooms-bardes-1 Be it ever so humble, there is no place like a good mudroom—especially on snowy or wet days or in a location that happens to be home to a lot of sand. Though primarily utilitarian, when well executed and finished off with the right touches, as the above space by Chicago-based Bardes Interiors shows, the small-but-mighty mudroom can be a calming and inviting place of order that happens to also help keep the rest of your home free of clutter and the dirtier aspects of everyday life.

tsg-mudrooms-sutphin_mudroom Bright paint, clean lines, and a charming sconce keeps this mudroom by Charlottesville’s Sutphin Architecture feeling light, fresh, and simple, while plenty of drawer and cabinet space keeps items such as rain boots and grocery bags organized (and plenty of other items out of sight).

tsg-mudroom-tsg_Cory_Spencer_FB Thanks to elements like a comfortable painted bench, decorative plates and pillows, and a cheerful hooked rug, this mudroom by Cory Spencer Partners is warm and welcoming. It’s also the perfect place to store wet wellies, lacrosse sticks, and linens due to plenty of storage space. The Charlottesville-based firm has the mudroom mastered, so for additional inspiration and insights be sure to check out their piece on the subject on their blog.

“A good mudroom should work as a buffer for your kitchen, protecting a precious family gathering space from becoming a dumping ground for the flotsam and jetsam of family life.”
—Cory Spencer Partners

tsg-mudrooms-bardes-2 This space in a Wisconsin lake house by Bardes Interiors checks all of the mudroom must-have boxes—benches, plenty of hooks and shelf space to hang coats, bags, and hats, and a colorful (and durable) rug—before seamlessly flowing into the bright, inviting kitchen beyond.

tsg_cory_spencer2 Above, two more mudrooms by Cory Spencer Partners prove they have the perfect formula for this type of entryway. We appreciate how there’s a place for everything, but thoughtful details ensure that guests arriving through the secondary entrance will still have a good first impression. “Woodwork saturated in slate blue, dark pewter, or tawny taupe adds instant character and definition to simple carpentry in any small space,” the firm notes.

tsg-mudrooms_design_lines_ltd Of course, nothing says “welcome home” like a Golden Retriever, but having a clean, crisp space in which to kick off your shoes and quickly stow your belongings before settling in for the evening, like the above by Raleigh-based Design Lines, is pretty sweet, too. As a bonus, the area serves as the ideal place to wipe off wet or muddy paws.


SCOUTED: Faux Fur Snood

SCOUTED-FauxFurSnood-TriCountryFeed Bundling up becomes a breeze when you have the right winter accoutrements. This faux fur Dubarry snood will beautifully complement any outfit while warding off chill, cementing its status as a wardrobe staple for the next few months. Call and purchase one now and your dread of cold weather will greatly decrease.

Tri-County Feeds  //  Hunt Country, VA  //  540.364.1891


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Enchanting Mini-Ecosystems

tsg-terrarium-silver-lead While we don’t currently have any reason to complain about the weather in TSG Headquarters’s hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, the brownness of the landscape and persistent chilliness have sparked our desire for creating lush mini-gardens indoors. There is just something undeniably delightful about cultivating a contained ecosystem featuring items of our choosing as our actual gardens lie dormant. Take, for example, the above terrarium crafted by TSG co-founder Christy Ford. Inspired by TSG Tip 88 expert Pam Heavner, during a recent snow day Ford and her children gathered materials and got to work curating a little domed paradise sure to be enjoyed until spring.

tsg-terrarium-styling-objects With base materials procured (see our Terrarium Tip for details), Ford assessed items around the house that would be at home under the dome. Orchids as well as everyday pieces from her various collections were excellent candidates.

tsg-terrarium-parts Moss is always a must! Mini humidity-loving plants and colorful rocks are also great for adding into the mix.


Selecting a vessel is a key component to the process. Above is a terrarium by Pam Heavner set in an antique French cheese case, which Heavner says is perfect for terrarium projects thanks to the hinged door on the top, which allows for easy access. Ferns, African violets, wild violet, and sedum all imbedded in a field of moss combine to create a gorgeous garden in the 18-inch space.

tsg_Pam_Heavner_1 Above is another one of Heavner’s creations: Orchid and African violet in 19th century serving dish, with rusted wire “gazebo” with bird’s nest on top. “Mixing textures—and centuries—with organic elements is unexpected,” Heavner says.

tsg-terrarium-glass-bowl-blue-candel-sticks A simple glass compote provides the perfect setting for this terrarium by Christy Ford, which would look great on a coffee table, bookshelf, side table, or windowsill. Refreshingly green and a bit whimsical, it will brighten up any space.

For more inspiration, see TSG Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill editor Hopie Avery’s posts on her past terrarium projects with Pam Heavner here and here.


The Beauty of Brass

tsg-brass-rethink A favorite in decor for the past few years, brass is a trend with staying power. Considering the copper-and-zinc combination has been around for centuries, this should come as no surprise, but it does appear that the metal’s warmth and resiliency has achieved a newfound appreciation. Brass—as well as other gilded elements—is having quite an extended and well-deserved moment, and with its shiny, eye-catching accents, the above dining room by Savannah’s Rethink Design Studio illustrates why.

tsg-brass_KatieKoch_273_web Golden hues beautifully punctuate nearly every palette, but they can look particularly pretty when placed among cool white tones. In the above room by New Orleans-based Katie Koch Home, art, objets, and natural elements combine with brass fireplace accessories and a copper colored vase to create an environment that is cool, calm, and well collected.

tsg-brass-revival-anne-agoner Left, the Jake Modern Bouillotte Lamp, available from Chattanooga’s REVIVAL, is sleek and simple and will only get better with age. Right, a brass obelisk completes a lovely vignette by Raleigh’s Anne Wagoner Interior Design.

tsg-brass-sutro-charish-som Easy to mold, durable, and with the potential for a beautiful patina, brass is a natural choice for lighting fixtures, and the modern chandelier in Sutro’s Taylor Street Project (top), the Arredoluce Triennale Floor Lamp (above, left), and the pair of antique brass globe lights (above, right) from Atlanta-based South of Market are perfect applications.

tsg-brass-daad-group Set against white subway tile, the brass pendants truly shine in a kitchen by Nashville-based architecture and interior design firm DAAD Group. Combined with a rustic island topped with white marble, the space is warm, inviting, and conveys a wonderful sense of order.

tsg-brass-coudetat-sutro We are obsessed with the massive brass sea urchin Sputnik chandelier, available from Coup D’Etat in San Francisco, and equally smitten with the multi-level table shown in a project by Sutro Architects. The two-tiered cocktail table, also from Coup D’Etat, featuring brass, chrome, and smoked glass, is 1960s-French perfection.

tsg-brass-mary-jo-bochner A brass trunk adds both weight and shine to this stunning bedroom by Savannah’s Mary Jo Bochner. As a bonus, the finish will surely improve with age and wear.

tsg-brass_KatieKoch_035_web Again, New Orleans’s Katie Koch Home employs brass to beautifully complete a space that is clean, modern, and utterly chic.