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Room for Relaxation

tsg_m interiors_den At the first hint of chill in the air, we tend to seek out cozy spaces perfect for curling up with a book or gathering for a casual evening, such as an intimate library, comfortably appointed living room, or thoughtfully designed den. As the above example by San Antonio-based M Interiors shows, a room composed of relaxing—yet refined—elements can be both conducive to conversation and the ideal place to enjoy some quiet time.

tsg_circa_heathersmith_den A soothing palette, plenty of comfortable seating, and a beautiful sense of symmetry make this room, designed by CIRCA INTERIORS & ANTIQUES‘s Heather Smith and photographed by Peter Estersohn, feel utterly serene and oh so inviting. We could easily spend hours on one of the soft pink chaises soaking in the natural light.

tsg_minteriors3_den Though adorned with antlers and featuring a NFL-ready flat screen, this space by M Interiors is no (man) cave, thanks to lovely touches like framed bird prints, stylish throw pillows, and soft, pleated drapes.

tsg_designlines_den Raleigh’s Design Lines Ltd. created the above scene in the NCSU chancellor’s house, the site of many events as well as private home, hence the need for wonderful places to retreat to read and enjoy a cup of tea.

tsg_kendallwilkinson_den This inviting Kendall Wilkinson-designed space, situated in a San Francisco high-rise, is made even cozier thanks to shelving that envelops the sofa, layered rugs, a variety of patterns, and wood and rustic accents.

tsg_wood_dens Raleigh’s Katherine Connell Interior Design Raleigh (top), and Kendall Wilkinson (above) offer excellent examples of why wood, leather, and luxurious fabrics make a cozy combination. We’d happily spend all winter in either space.


How lovely is the blue library by Anne Wagoner Interiors that we spotted in her Instagram feed (left)? The cool hue works beautifully with the leather bound books and tufted chairs, creating a charming seating area. Meanwhile, Savannah’s Rethink Design Studio‘s modern den easily draws us in with its cheerful pillows, plush rug, and wood paneling.

tsg_weaver_den Warm wood, leather chairs, a velvet love seat, plenty of books…San Francisco’s Weaver Design Group created a perfect haven in this Santa Ynez Ranch. It’s easy to imagine spending an evening ensconced in a club chair, rereading the classics while sipping a cocktail.


Scouted: Insulated Bottles


We’re ready to say goodbye to plastic for good and go green with these sophisticated stainless steel S’well bottles. The chic exteriors (which can range from marbled to teak to a variety of textile patterns and more) aren’t the vessels’ only intriguing feature; S’well’s insulation technology keeps cold drinks chilled for up to twenty-four hours and hot drinks steamy for up to twelve. We plan on ordering them as stocking stuffers as well as for ourselves. After all, staying hydrated never looked so good.

ROXIE DAISY //  Charlottesville, VA //  434.202.8133



tsg_tulipandchew_halloween In addition to carving jack-o-lanterns, buying (and sneaking pieces of) our favorite individually wrapped candy, and seeing the creativity of children come through in adorably ingenious costumes, we admit that seeing dressed-up dogs is one of our favorite aspects of Halloween. Assuming the owner has taken care to select an outfit that both suits and is safe for the pet (and monitors the canine in question to make sure that no pieces go missing), a dog in a getup that perfectly matches his personality is absolutely priceless, as proven by TSG co-founder Christy Ford’s Chewie 2, pictured above.

tsg_george_henrietta_halloween Who can resist Batdog? George, Christy Ford’s beloved bulldog, was ready to carry the weight of Gotham on his broad shoulders, while Henrietta, another Ford pup, embraced her inner fancy lady in a costume courtesy of the Ford girls, Ruby and Tulip. The fact that both dogs appear to be utterly at home in their Halloween accessories makes these images all the more adorable; they are completely owning their alter egos.


Titus, the endlessly photogenic Teckel belonging to Beate Casati, owner of Charlottesville-based custom framing and art establishment La Linea Bella, is no stranger to playing dress-up. He regularly sports smart bow ties, and lately he can be seen striking a pose with his new sister, Pandora (be sure to check out his Facebook page for more wonderful shots!). Eager to capture our own well composed images of canine cuteness, we asked Beate if she’d be willing to share some of here secrets for photographing pets, and she kindly obliged.

How to get a frame-worthy Photograph of your pet


1. Step one, of course, is to work with an expert. Beate enlists Kay Taylor of Sheridan Avenue Studios.
2. Find a confined area. Beate and Kay like to set up on a table so the dogs stay in place.
3. Have a special treat on hand. “We use cheese or something that they only get during photo shoots to entice them to behave and to be excited about the task,” Beate says.  ”And we use noise makers of any kind.”
4. Limit distractions. “It’s best to just have one person helping out to keep the pet focused and to keep them from getting confused as to whom to focus on,” Beate advises.

tsg_henrietta_chewie2_halloween2 Even if you decide to skip a canine costume (or choose to simply tie on a festive bandana like Chewie 2), make sure your pet has a fun and safe Halloween by reading our latest TSG Tip!



Scouted: Cowboy Cut Vest

SCOUTED-Cowboy-Cut-Vest A great vest is an absolute must-have for autumn. With its classic colors and corduroy shoulder accents, this Buffalo Jackson Trading Co vintage-inspired cowboy cut version will remain a fall favorite for years to come.


Hanover Blue  //  Chattanooga, TN  //  423.531.2120


Camel Classics

tsg-camel-interior Classic and quintessentially fall, camel can take on a variety of tones that add a sense of sophistication to both rooms and wardrobes. Able to complement everything around them, shades of the hue are ideal for accents, as proven by the above room by Circa Interiors & Antiques’s Jane Schwab (photographed by Laura Resen), and effortlessly warm up a neutral room without competing for the eye.

tsg-camel-interiors-2 Taking the color one step further by applying it to the walls, Circa’s Kathy Smith creates a luxurious, cohesive dining area filled with camel tones and wonderful texture, resulting in a room that practically glows.

tsg-camel-mens At its most saturated, camel can be as smooth and satisfying as butterscotch—particularly when rendered in fall-appropriate fabrics. For men looking to update their wardrobes this season, Ledbury’s beautifully tailored cashmere and wool blend Calloway blazer and smart Alden suede brogues, available at By George in Austin, more than fit the bill.

tsg-camel-sweater Denver’s A Line Boutique always has beautiful and unique finds, such as the above charming camel-adorned knits, stylishly paired with winter white pants and suede shoes. Simply throw on a camel coat and you’re ready to walk out the door.

tsg-camel-sutro-2 Camel hues mixed with blues can result in a rich and refined combination, as illustrated by the above sitting area in a home by San Francisco’s Sutro Architects.

tsg-camel-abby-c-2 TSG Designer Abby Ciucias appreciated the beauty of the camel on a recent trip to Morocco. Fortunately for those of us who couldn’t tag along, she took pictures like the one above.


tsg-camel-womens-2 As soon as we saw the Joseph coat in the Facebook feed of Omaha’s She.la earlier this season, we started dreaming about fall; gold and moonstone earrings by Austin’s Liz James feel like a warm autumn day; and Givenchy’s medium leather Pandora Box, available at By George, inspires back-to-school-levels of excitement with its chic hue and clean lines.

tsg-camel-womens-4 Layered with lighter versions and creams, camel can be oh so pretty, as in the Raquel Allegra example (left), which can be found at Charlottesville’s eloise. We’d love to top off an ensemble with an edgy Helmut Lang leather jacket, available from By George, or a cozy cashmere Bottega wrap from Aspen’s Souchi—both of which would enjoy places of honor in our fall closets.

tsg-camel-accents Camel decor does not need to be limited to fabrics, paints, or wall coverings in the classic color. As the room by Page Home Design shows, a well-placed camel accessory can anchor a room, and who wouldn’t want to add a pair of camel bookends, available from Tchoupitoulas Furnishings in Northern Virginia, to their shelf?

tsg-camel-interiors-3 Paired with a dusty pink velvet sofa, the plush camel-hued rug takes this room by San Francisco-based designer Kendall Wilkinson to absolute perfection.