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SCOUTED: Tortoise Shell Tea Caddy

2014.06.00 Coup D'etat - Tea Caddy We cannot imagine a more wonderful place in which to house our tea than this tortoise shell caddy. Measuring 5.5″ L x 7.25 W x 7.75″ H, the mini Georgian mansion with inlaid bone windows is truly a tea caddy fit for a queen.

Coup D’etat // San Francisco, CA // 415.241.9300


Cozy Retreats

tsg-nooks-linstead Just as important as having the perfect space in which to gather is having a quiet, contained place in which to relax and regroup. After all, everyone needs a nook where they can sneak off to read a few chapters, take a much-needed rest, or have an intimate chat. For us, the ideal spot is embodied by the above vignette from the portfolio of Silicon Valley-based Ken Linstead Architects: semi-secluded, simple, and soaked in natural light. Who wouldn’t want to recline on that white chaise for an hour or two?

tsg-nooks-1 This Nicole Hollis-designed space is cozy, creamy perfection. The neutral palette is so calming, and we can only imagine how happy we’d be sipping a cup of coffee while reclining against the oversized pillows and planning the rest of our day in peace and quiet.

tsg-nooks-bochner-(1) Having a window seat in the bedroom where you can sit back and spend a few minutes flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine while taking in some fresh air is such a treat. With simple sconces, soft colors, and plenty of sunlight, the spot above, which was designed by Savannah’s Mary Jo Bochner, would be a lovely place to have a moment of zen.

tsg-nooks-heather-safferstone-of-steponkus-dc Not all nooks are designed with solitude in mind, of course. Heather Safferstone of Washington, D.C.-based Sally Steponkus Interiors shows how a cozy space can comfortably coexist with a more social setting. The window seat would be a welcoming retreat, yet can also serve as comfortable seating for friends who come over for a drink or be quickly made up to accommodate an overnight guest. The deep drawers for storage underneath easily make this one of the most multi-functional areas to be found in any abode.

tsg-nooks-Butler-Armsden-Fam-Home-Sea-Cliff-window-seat Butler Armsden’s window seat set in a circular room takes advantage of stunning views and plenty of sunlight, yet thanks to the bright, multi-colored woven rug and pillows it would be a cheerful place to pass the time even on the cloudiest day.

tsg-nooks-sutro San Francisco-based Sutro Architects shows how a small, unconventional space can be transformed into a mini oasis. This nook makes curling up in a corner seem so appealing.

tsg-nooks-macfeedesign This cozy spot by San Francisco’s Catherine MacFee Interior Design combines natural elements and a laid-back vibe to create the ideal location for an afternoon nap. Now please excuse us while we track down the perfect indoor hammock.


Scouted: Mercury Glass Hurricanes

SCOUTED-MercuryGlassHurricanes Whether displayed indoors or out, and regardless of the time of day, these mercury glass hurricanes will light up any space. With their shiny reflective surface, the spheres are ideal for adding a modern touch to an area during daylight hours, and come nightfall will cast a warm, welcoming glow. Two sizes are shown, 8″ diameter and 11″ diameter, and each hurricane has a handle that can be used to hang or carry the orb attached to silver ring at neck.

Acres Home & Garden  //  Silicon Valley, CA  //  707.967.1142


The Right Frame of Mind

tsg-picturewall-maryjobochner Well-placed art can make a world of difference in a space. Whether that entails a single, statement-making painting that somehow anchors an entire area, a series of prints that pop against their surroundings, or, as in the space above by Savannah-based designer Mary Jo Bochner, symmetrical groupings of classically framed works, you cannot deny the impact that artfully arranged art can have on a room.

tsg-picturewall-summerhouse A balanced grouping of framed figures perfectly completes this serene and sophisticated room by Jackson, Mississippi’s SummerHouse.

tsg-picturewalls-nicolehollis A thoughtfully composed collection of butterfly prints add nature and whimsy above the bed in a room designed by Silicon Valley-based Nicole Hollis. We love how the use of black frames creates unity among the different sized pieces and ties the grouping in with the gorgeous headboard below.

tsg-picturewalls-nicolehollis-2 Again, Nicole Hollis beautifully finishes a bedroom with a set of framed art, this time skillfully layering black-and-white pieces to achieve a simple yet striking effect.

tsg-picturewalls-mmr2 A grouping of works done in a similar palette and encased in gilded frames follows the staircase upward, filling the triangular space and adding warmth to this sitting room by New Orleans’s MMR Interiors while also complementing the oil portrait on the adjacent wall.

tsg-picturewall-kenlinsteadt How stunning is the textile encased in a lucite frame in this project by Silicon Valley’s Ken Linsteadt Architects? In addition to being utterly unique, it perfectly inhabits the space.

tsg-picturewalls-mmr This MMR Interiors-designed space is oh so pretty, from the sconces to the bench to the large-scale, statement-making piece, showing that well-executed design is truly a work of art.


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