Contact The Scout Guide

Each city has an Editor who selects businesses to be featured in The Scout Guide. Once part of TSG, these members benefit from year-round advocacy and support, both locally and nationally.

While TSG members contribute to their cities in unique and different ways, they all share defining core qualities that set them apart from other local businesses:

  • Character. Members operate with integrity, bring something unique to the communities that they serve, and have an excellent reputation within their respective areas.
  • Craftsmanship. Members are highly accomplished within their fields. Whether they have been in the honing their craft for decades or are “ones to watch,” they offer clients and customers an exceptional experience.
  • Community. Members are engaged in their communities and enrich them through the services that they provide, the people who they employ, and the creativity that they bring to their endeavors.
  • Commitment. Members recognize that a strong community is a supportive community, and are dedicated to the idea that, by forming a network with other businesses, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Courage. As independent business owners, members have taken a calculated risk in order to pursue their passions.

If you believe you personify these characteristics and are interested in joining The Scout Guide, please contact the Editor in your market.