Albemarle County home… TSG Cville’s Murdoch Matheson

Ready to escape to the country? We consider ourselves very fortunate to live here in this beauty.

Charlottesville real estate agent Murdoch Matheson is thrilled to show off this custom home available, Edges.

The home showcases the brilliance of local builders and craftsman, from materials to construction to finished gardens around the home.

Constructed by Shelter and Associates using Mountain Lumber’s 100 yr-old cypress wood…

5,700s.f., 4 bedrooms 4.5 baths on 21 acres overlooking a 30-acre lake and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Copper roofing, terraces, porches, fenced gardens, car barn and shop, meandering wooded trails, open land and beautifully sited.

15 min. southwest of Charlottesville and UVA


“This is an amazing collaboration of local “artists” at their best,” says Murdoch. “I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to see so many extraordinary homes all over Virginia but the attention to detail in this home exceeds the competition.  It’s clear that no “corners were cut”, with copper cladded windows and doors, a geo-thermal heating and air system and extensive stone work inside/outside this property is a gift to show and represent. As a real estate broker, we should all be so lucky to market and show this kind of property.”
call Murdoch Matheson for more information… or visit his website. 


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Fashion Annex

Charlottesville fashion cornerstone, Eloise, has relocated to a fabulous new space at The Market Street Market Annex.
505 West Main Street · Charlottesville

We asked mother-daughter Owners, Cyd & Amy…

1. What inspired you to choose a new location? How did you find the new place?

We have been looking for a new home for eloise for awhile, and strongly believe in the expansion and  development of the downtown charlottesville corridor. We also wanted to have a parking lot for our customers.
 We have always liked the aesthetics that Gabe Silverman brings to his projects, and were so excited to work with him  to transform this beautiful old building.

2. How have you benefitted so far from the new space?

   As previously stated, the parking has been extremely helpful. And lots of new customers that didn’t know about us before are finding us because we are more visible. We have also been warmly welcomed into our new neighborhood, which feels really good. It has given us a great opportunity to recreate our vision of eloise, and how we interpret current trends for our clients.

3. Does your move feel like something of a rebirth? Coming out of the recession, what does it feel like to breath this new life into your business?
Yes, definitely. Like all retailers that have survived the recession, we have had to reinvent ourselves in a variety of ways. As always, we have listened keenly to our customers’ input and desires, and rely on them to help guide the decisions we make everyday at eloise. For example, we have tried to amp up our online presence in response to our customer’s demands, both locally and across the country. We even have a customer in japan and a few in london!! But our main focus continues to be customer service, and as much as we love having new customers, we feel lucky to have some wonderful “regulars”.
As far as the move is concerned, it has been an amazing journey to recreate a new, more streamlined vision of eloise in our 14th year of business.

 4. Do you have new focuses now that you have moved? Any new lines or products?

Always new lines and products! We like to keep it fresh and our customers are very hip to what is happening in the fashion world. We like to stay current, or even slightly ahead of the curve, while always providing the best basics at the same time. We all need our cozy t shirts and jeans in addition to our fabulous statement pieces. As for new lines coming this fall, to name a few that we are super excited about….barbour (classic jackets), henry cuir (gorgeous handmade bags from italy), and pas de calais (beautiful, ethereal separates).

5. What was the aesthetic you went for in designing and decorating the new place?

More modern, clean lines with a nod to the beautiful raw space that we started with. We have maintained an exposed brick wall and original beams, re-furbished an incredible skylight that was part of the original building, and put in a reclaimed wood floor. Our friends Tate Pray and Todd Leback built a gorgeous concrete and hickory counter for us…we can’t stop touching it, it’s amazing.

6. We’d also like to know what it’s like to work as a mother/daughter team (we are featuring someone in New Orleans that is the same): Do you have different styles? How do both of your styles add to the store/business? How do you influence one another’s style?

We have really enjoyed it – the age difference allows for a great mix of buying for different aged customers, and we have learned a lot from each other. We definitely have similar taste, but we put things together very differently. When buying, we are usually pretty much in sync, and when we’re not, we defer to the person who has the stronger opinion. We often come to work in the same colors and coordinate (strange!) without any planning – the same thing happens with our staff too…Specifically, Cyd takes more fashion forward risks with her accessories, and Amy tends to be a little more conservative in general.

7.  What is your favorite thing about working together?

We have a lot of fun – we have learned tons from each other. Cyd’s more impulsive and amy takes forever to make a decision, so together we really balance each other out. Because we are family, we really trust each other and offer each other support unconditionally.  We know each other in a whole new way, not just as mother and daughter, but as business partners too, which has really deepened our respect for each other.

We loved attending the Main Street Market Annex House Warming Party!

Find Eloise at 505 West Main Street · Charlottesville or

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Welcome The Scout Guide San Francisco! Featuring: April in Paris

We are so thrilled to announce The Scout Guide San Francisco… now on the streets of SF and for your viewing pleasure online. Subscribe here to get all the latest updates!

By way of introduction, we want to tell you all about one of the coolest businesses in SF, April in Paris.

April in Paris is where you need to go to find the most amazing handmade leather goods around. Béatrice Amblard, the owner, designer, and primary artist, is a Parisian who found her way to San Francisco–after 24 years there she is officially San Franciscan.

Amblard started as an Hermès craftsman, working originally to make the legendary Kelly bag. In 1987 the company asked her to move to San Francisco to educate clients about their brand, only the second Hermès employee in the United States. After several years, she decided to branch out on her own and start a business. April in Paris was born.

The name, she hopes, evokes the feeling one gets of being in Paris in the month of April.

“I wanted a name that sounded French but wasn’t French,” Amblard says. “Something easy to pronounce and had some French connotation that people would remember. I was talking with a friend when April in Paris came out. People love April in Paris so that name seemed like a good fit.”

She specializes in handmade, custom leather accessories. Amblard is best known for her custom handbags, usually finished with the classic saddle stitch, in the same tradition it has been done for over 200 years. All of her bags are marked with her logo, an 18-karat gold or sterling silver bee. The bee represents the shortened version of her name, Béatrice, and it is what everyone calls her.


For many years she worked for her studio, designing custom bags. In 2000 she opened a store front at 55 Clement Street. To date she is the only Hermès artisan in the United States designing under her own label with her own boutique.

She is a person with many gifts and seems to always have a new idea in mind.  She runs a program for kids with learning disabilities, giving them the opportunity to learn the trade and express their artistic side. As they grow, they learn more than just the craft, with lessons on work ethic, accountability, and timeliness thrown in. She finds it extremely rewarding as the kids go away with these new understandings and smiles on their faces.

“My life changed when I started doing leather work,” she says. “I had a major life experience with this craft. So I am very, very attached to it. It is more than a job for me; it is a life long love story. I feel like giving these kids something…giving them this opportunity, to put them in a positive environment. They are not being judged, it is not about accomplishing, it is about having fun.”

In January 2012, she opened a school open to anyone who desires to learn more about the craft. The goal is to keep the craft alive and pass on this handmade tradition. To learn more about the school, visit the website here.

Amblard continues to produce exceptional, beautiful accessories and still find time to work on her other projects. Be sure to check out her website and all that she is up to.

Welcome April in Paris and The Scout Guide San Francisco!



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Spotlight on…TSG Charlotte’s Arzberger

Have you heard of Arzberger in Charlotte?


We are so excited to tell you about this amazing business. A unique quality of Arzberger–when it comes to stationery, Arzberger covers the whole process. Every step of the process occurs under that one roof. They have their own line of paper so that they can achieve a special thickness and color. The paper is part cotton and part pulp, and the cover stock is 100 percent wood pulp, which makes for a firm card with a great feel. They design in house, and of course print in house. You can know that the Arzberger feel and quality will be there from paper to print–that is what makes them stand out not just in Charlotte but nation-wide. Arzberger offers a return to tradition–retaining that classic feel, look, and trusted quality. No wonder they have been in business since 1922!


Ninety years later: “The power of the written word has never been greater,” says Owner Luther Dudley. Arzberger strives to capture and enhance this power with their beautiful stationery. In an age full of email, texts and facebook posts, receiving a beautiful invitation or letter means more than ever. Technology is certainly powerful, a fact Arzberger does not deny. Instead, they use recent technology to their advantage while retaining the printing traditions of old.


Flat print, letterpress, engraving, foil stamping, calligraphy or type style. Does this mean anything to you? Elizabeth Edwards, the designer at Arzberger, will help you sift through the details. “Some people have an idea of what they want already,” she says. “But if not, we pull out samples and get an idea of what they want. Traditional is our specialty but we can do contemporary as well. The contemporary design focuses more on design than on process. We are really process-oriented.”

Here are a few glimpses of the process at Arzberger.

Clearly, there is a lot of precision, talent and focus going on in that press room!

Arzberger focuses on the heritage of paper. “I have brides come in and they have their mother’s and their grandmother’s wedding invitation in hand,” Elizabeth says. “They say, this is what is meaningful to me and I want to do something like this.

“For an invitation we’re going to keep it reverent–a wedding is a reverent event–you’re committing your life to someone. We serve the market of those who feel that way. The wedding is ultimately a ceremony. We feel strongly about that and are really dedicated to serving the market for people who want to continue with that tradition and be cognizant of the heritage of it.”

While they serve the many brides and grooms of Charlotte and cover a multitude of social stationery needs, Arzberger also does a lot of corporate stationery for Charlotte businesses. “It is a way for them to make a statement that they are serious about their business,” says Elizabeth.

Want to really make your wedding invitation personal? They will do it for you.

“Sometimes we embellish based on what clients want,” says Elizabeth. “They want something to make it theirs, such as envelope liner, wax stamps, or ribbons. But we want to know that if you take off the bells and whistles they will have a traditional invitation they can frame and be proud of 50 years later. We appreciate what other people do but we just want to remain classic and traditional in our style.”

If you’re not in Charlotte, Arzberger has hundreds of agents across the country that have albums of their work, allowing you to directly order Arzberger paper and product from wherever you are… shopping locally at home and in Charlotte.

Check out the amazing work of Arzberger… Don’t forget to tell them SCOUT sent you…


Photos by the wonderful and talented Chris Edwards, TSG Charlotte photographer. Check out his site here.




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The Scout Guide in the news

TSG has been featured by some interesting people lately… We want to tell you all about it. Also, be on the lookout for next week’s post. We will be going behind the scenes at some of the best businesses in Charlotte, San Francisco, and Charlottesville, with more to come in the next few weeks. Check back here as we tell you more about the businesses that make The Scout Guide so special.


We’ve been spotted!

Heather Wiese of bell’INVITO in Dallas, an incredible stationer partnered with Nest, a home store, keeps a blog called Between the Ditches. She recently showed the world a little bit about The Scout Guide, check it out here.


Next, we head to Birmingham, where Tammy Connor Interior Design featured us on her blog… See it here!


We are so thrilled that The Scout Guide Charlotte has been a part of the Huffington Post’s Oasis at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Photo by David Manning of the Huffington Post. Check out all the photos from the Oasis on facebook here. Do you see the Charlotte book right in the center? We love when our TSG cities align with events and our guides can showcase the best of that city!

A few months back we had a Launch Party for The Scout Guide Denver at bulthaup in Denver. We are so excited that fashion folio featured the party on their blog. Look for TSG Denver to hit the streets in November!


When Alexandria hit the streets back in May, we were written up here by Zoe Boutique, one of our businesses in TSG Alexandria.

Finally, up-and-coming social network The Southern C (a group dedicated to highlighting the Southern lifestyle) did a spotlight on us… Check out their tumblr and their site.

See the rest of the story here.


Have you seen TSG in the news? Let us know! Happy weekend!

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Get to know our editors: Marcella Mascotte, Aspen

Meet Marcella, the editor of The Scout Guide Aspen blog. We are so thrilled to introduce you to her. Be sure to check out her blog here and subscribe!
1) What were you doing before you found The Scout Guide?
Raising my son and serving on the Board of a local Denver non-profit called The Young Philanthropists Foundation that provides volunteer and philanthropic experiences for children in elementary school. Prior to that I developed and produced made-for-television movies at the Hallmark Channel in Los Angeles.
2) What do you love about Aspen?
The metropolitan influences combined with the small town vibe wrapped up in beautiful natural surroundings.
3) What book have you been reading this summer?
Well, my son starts Kindergarten next week so I recently dusted off my copy of MIND IN THE MAKING by Ellen Galinsky. She breaks out 7 essential life skills to build a foundation that will enable children to thrive. Of course it applies to any life stage, but what a jump start you can give a child if you learn to incorporate these skills early in life.
4) Have you seen any good movies lately?
I was mesmerized by Jessica Chastain’s performance in TREE OF LIFE, the film was released last year but I just got around to seeing it this summer. She is incredible.
5) Where are you going on vacation this year?

My husband and I are going to London for a friend’s 40th this Fall, I cannot wait!

6) What is your dream vacation?
A sailing trip with friends and family around the Seychelles.
7) What is your favorite summer treat?
Ice-cream, definitely ice-cream.
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