TSG Birmingham has hit the streets!

We are so excited to announce the arrival of The Scout Guide Birmingham. Their blog is now live and every day the beautiful books are being distributed all around the city. Birmingham was once considered the industrial center of the South (see: wikipedia). But it has grown far beyond those roots. Check out The Scout Guide to see the BEST OF LOCAL Birmingham and you will see for yourself. This guide will prove that this city has SO much to offer and worth a visit soon. See The Scout Guide Birmingham online here and in person all over the city!

Here are a few teasers:

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TSG San Francisco Preview… Elizabeth Charles



We are so excited about the release of our San Francisco guide… set to hit the streets just after Labor Day.

Today we offer you a sneak peek into the book by featuring one of the designers in it, Elizabeth Charles.



Elizabeth Charles, originally a Management Consultant in Capital Markets, was transfered from Australia to the US with her company 17 years ago. The World Trade Center disaster, a re-assesment of what’s important, and a love for fashion were the impetus to doing something that she loved and that didn’t feel like work.  Her first store, opened in NY’s West Village was her test case, that was an instant hit with stylish down-town locals. From there she opened a second store in Pacific Heights, San Francsico in 2007 to target an underserved but discerning market (featured in TSG SF!). Most recently she opened in Westcliff Drive, Newport Beach in 2012 to bring unique products to affluent, yet fashion-starved clientele.  Carrying a highly edited collection of chic items that are ahead of the trends and aren’t available everywhere is Elizabeth’s secret to success.

Being the first to introduce her clients to under-ground labels and up-and-coming designers before they become mainstream is what fuels her quest to become the best store in the US.

TSG SF has scouted the best of San Francisco and Elizabeth Charles is certainly one. Visit her store in Pacific Heights or find her online: http://elizabeth-charles.com/

Be on the lookout for the amazing TSG San Francisco. You will be blown away by the images of the people of SF and their talents shown in this guide.

Tell them SCOUT sent you…



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A TSG Update

Hi all you loyal followers,

We are so thrilled to give you an update on where we stand with The Scout Guide. When we started The Scout Guide here in Charlottesville, VA, we thought it would remain forever a local guidebook meant for the locals of Cville and those coming to our lovely town.

But soon, people started begging us to bring The Scout Guide to their town. To Aspen, Omaha, Washington D.C., Denver and Naples, just to name a few.

So we took the leap of faith and began to work on The Scout Guide all over the country. We are happy to announce we have books on the ground in seven cities: Charlottesville, Charleston, Charlotte, Alexandria, Aspen, Dallas and now Birmingham.

With many, many more to come. (San Francisco, Greenwich, Hunt Country Virginia, New Orleans, Richmond, Nashville, Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill… to see the full list, click here!)

As of this week, our Dallas and Birmingham books will be on the ground in those cities. Look for them everywhere! And follow the Dallas blog. We’ll let you know when the Birmingham part of our site is up and running!

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Happy Scouting!

The Scout Guide Headquarters

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Get to Know Our Editors: Michele Johnson, Charleston

1. What were you up to before you found The Scout Guide?

Before Scout my life was tranquil and slow. I was busy raising my 10 and 13 year old daughters, walking my dogs on the beach. It was much slower. Scout has been a blast! I’ve met some pretty amazing people in this town and I look forward to meeting even more.

2. What do you love about your current city?

The thing I love most about Charleston is how much pride in our city everyone has. It’s amazing to me that this many people love this town this much. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Charleston is a beautiful city, that we have amazing beaches and endless waterways. It’s a slow, casual life that anyone could fall in love with. Oh, and did I mention the food?

3. What book have you been reading this summer?

Right now I’m reading The Birth of Venus about a young girl in 15th Century Florence – so far so good but I’ve just gotten started. I recently finished Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill, a wonderful book about a slave girl brought to Charleston and earlier this summer I re-read The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay, about a boy growing up in South Africa during apartheid. I read it years ago and loved it so much I picked it up again.

4. Have you seen any good movies lately?

Movies? What’s that? I can’t sit down long enough to watch a movie but I do have a list…just waiting for a day when I have nothing else to do.

5. Where are you going/did you go on summer vacation?

We were lucky enough to get to the Galapagos Islands this summer. Off the coast of Ecuador, you feel like you’re in the last unspoiled place on earth. Most of the islands are completely uninhabited and we made it to about 10 of the 19 islands. The highlights were swimming with sea lions and penguins – oh, and the 5′ reef shark was definitely a highlight now that I’m on dry land. I highly recommend the trip. Everyone absolutely loved it!

6. What is your dream vacation?

I want to go to Italy for a few months and live like an Italian. They seem to have it all figured out. Wine, pasta, bread, gelato, nap. I often wonder when they work – seems like they’re always sitting in some outdoor cafe with a glass of wine. My kind of place.

7. What is your favorite summer treat?

Limes. I must say when the hot weather comes, all I want is limes. In my drinks, on my fish tacos, as my sorbet flavor of choice. I’m all about the lime.

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Easton Events

Photo by Eric Kelley

Light the chandeliers. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 2011 nuptials has caused a major shift in wedding design, according to Easton Events. Where pintrest-inspired mason jars and rustic weddings once dominated the wedding world, now the Duchess’ elegant, tailored glamour is the dominant trend in weddings and events. Even barn and farm spaces are being glammed up, returning to a classic and traditional feel.

Photo by Holland Photo Arts

We sat down with the team at Easton Events, founded in Charlottesville by Lynn Easton Andrews, to talk about Easton and what’s happening in the wedding field and to glean a few helpful hints for brides.

Photo by Eric Kelley

TSG: What is trending right now in the event world?

EE: Definitely a return to classics. Inspired by Kate Middleton’s tailored glam, we are seeing trends return to the classics, the traditional. Rather than working on all those DIY details seen on pintrest, a lot of brides are splurging on one chandelier instead of a bunch of different wooden signs. They are putting their money towards statement pieces instead of a lot of smaller items.

Photo by Paul Morse

What is inspiring you in wedding planning right now? Where do you find fresh, new ideas for each event? 

We draw a lot from places we’ve traveled and interiors we’ve seen…we love for our events to have a feeling not just a look. For example, we’re putting magnolias in little bowls on the table so it evokes a smell. We talk to brides about what they want their guests to feel, what they’ve felt at different events. We then want to keep that theme going throughout the event, from the lighting treatment to create a magical effect to the type of music. We’re thinking about all five senses.

Photo by Eric Kelley

What’s the best piece of advice you can give someone who is planning a wedding? Let’s say they have chosen their guest list and venue, then what?

Lynn always says a couple should establish a budget first thing. This way the bride/groom/ and family have a sense of what they can afford. This will determine what venues they can look at, what photographers are in their price range etc. Couples can then acknowledge the difference between want and need.

Photo by Jen Fariello

Lynn also always recommends lighting! Why have beautiful centerpieces if they can’t be seen when the sun goes down!

Photo by Patricia Lyons

Tell us about your recent trip to New York… we spotted it on your blog… Give us the low-down on that trip.

Lynn was asked to be a visiting planner on The Knot Live! The Knot Live is an internet program that is live-streamed, with archives available later. The show goes through the many aspects of event and wedding planning and is really helpful for brides and others planning events.

Lynn was asked to create a tablescape with a new idea we’ve had. We decided to do a floral watercolor on a round table. It was fun because we were able to work with some of the new vendors we are using in some upcoming events, such as Saipua and Happy Menocal.

After The Knot Live we went to meet with the Real Weddings Editor of Martha Stewart Weddings where one of our Spring 2012 weddings is going to be published in 2013. We had a tour of their NYC office and had the opportunity to look at the pictures from the wedding where MSW sent a stylist and photographer to shoot.

What does Easton Events have up its sleeve for the future?

Opening an office in Charleston! We’re going to be moving into a hotel Lynn and her husband are opening there called Zero George (the address of the hotel, right off of East Bay Street). Augusta will be heading up that office and we’re excited to have our first Charleston wedding in September!

Photo by Jen Fariello

Photo by Jen Fariello

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